By Ken Martin

THE BEST OF THE BEST: Here’s an item that should have been on the front page of the Forum last week but, for some strange reason, didn’t even show in the “Arts & Entertainment” section.

Led by Sue Suessoff, the choir director, the entire Castro Valley High School choir trekked to Disneyland on the weekend of March 30 – April 1 to compete in Disneyland’s “Music in the Park” extravaganza, a high school musical competition with band and choir entries from all over the U.S. Here is what sophomore Tori Miller, a member of the CVHS choir had to report:

“The Les Chanteause Advanced Women’s choir won first place in their division, as did the A Capella choir and the Marigals choir. The Madrigals also won best overall choir. Our student accompanist, sophomore Rachel Lo, who is also a member of Les Chanteause, played for the choirs on the trip and won Best Student Accompanist.”

If you’re not familiar with these groups, they are all parts of the larger CVHS choir.

Tori goes on, “On Friday, March 30, the three CVHS choirs performed in front of two distinguished choral judges at Western High School in Anaheim. Each choir performed three pieces, one of which was a non-adjudicated warm up piece, and two of which were adjudicated. The next day an awards ceremony was held at the Festival Arena in Disneyland where all of the bands, orchestras, and choirs who had competed met to be given their awards. The rest of the day was spent by the choirs enjoying Disneyland and California Adventure until closing.”

Well, kids, you certainly earned all of it. Congratulations to Sue Suesoff and the CVHS choir for a clean sweep of the choir awards.

I also received an e-mail from Susan Israel, one of the chaperones on the trip south. She had this to say, “As a chaperone, I was impressed with how well the choirs sang, but even more impressed and proud of how all the students conducted themselves throughout the entire four day trip. Castro Valley can be proud to send these students anywhere.”

Right on, Susan! And we will have opportunities in May to see these great kids perform.

SILLY LETTER DEPARTMENT: M. Morrison (Letters, Forum, April 11) contends that the CHP and Sheriff’s Department are guilty of “over-enforcement” of the laws. He states that, “One only has to look at the number of mothers with children being pulled over daily on Castro Valley Boulevard to see how bad this over-enforcement has become.” How silly can you get? If these mothers really have a genuine concern for the safety of their children, they would be driving legally and safely and would not be stopped by law enforcement officers. Over-enforcement?! Balderdash!!!

Would Morrison rather have less enforcement and risk having unchecked reckless drivers endangering these same mothers and children?