By Ken Martin

VERRRRY INTERESTING!: A year or so ago, in this column, I defended our local law enforcement agencies when they were being criticized in a bunch of silly letters that were printed in the Forum. My efforts were rewarded by communications from these agencies thanking me for my support. Now that I have publicly leveled my own complaints about their dangerous practices, I have heard nothing! Could it be that I’m right and they don’t want to open that can of worms? I find this silence most interesting.

Since my last column, several people have approached me to either strongly agree with what I wrote or to relate their involvement in a similar dangerous situation caused by law enforcement vehicles. This seems to be pandemic.

A WORTHWHILE EVENING: Saturday evening, November 11, the Castro Valley Chapter of the Order of DeMolay will hold their 106th semi-annual installation of officers at the Crow Canyon Masonic Center, corner of CV Boulevard and Crow Canyon Road. Ceremonies start at 7:30 PM. Shaun Reynolds will be installed as Master Councilor accompanied by Dane Niderost as Senior Councilor and Eric Quan as Junior Councilor. A reception and dancing will follow the installation ceremony.

The public is invited to attend. Here is a chance for the young men, ages 12 to 21, of our community to see what this great organization is about. In addition to building young men into tomorrow’s leaders, they sponsor many neat activities for the members such as trips, parties, tours, dances etc. Fellows, check it out. I did over 50 years ago and I’ll never forget the great times I had as a DeMolay member. I still see my old DeMolay friends. So come to the installation and take a look.

MORE GOOD STUFF: The Buon Tempo Club Relay for Life Team will hold another of its great ravioli feeds on Sunday, November 12, again at the Moose Hall on Rutledge Road. Serving starts at 5 PM. If you have been to the previous feeds, you know how good it is. If you haven’t, you’re in for a new treat. The price for this fantastic food is a mere $10.00, all of which goes to the American Cancer Society

HELP ME HELP YOU: When I started writing this column four years ago, my intent was to chronicle people, events, and activities around Castro Valley. I feel that I have been largely successful in this endeavor but there are more things out there that I would like to cover. I constantly hear, after the fact, about some school or club or community activity that was seeking publicity for the event. I can help. Let me know what you’re up to so I can spread the word.

There are people here in the valley that are involved in interesting or unusual hobbies and activities. I think our readers would like to hear about them but I need to know where they are. To that end I put my e-mail address and phone number at the end of each column. Feel free to contact me about anything of interest going on in Castro Valley. So here is my e-mail address,, and my phone number, (510) 727-9296. Let me hear from you.