By Ken Martin

JUST IDLIN’: No big things going on – just a lot of great little things, so we’re just idling along.

Patty and I are going on a cruise up the Columbia River on the stern-wheeler “Columba Queen. We’ll be gone for the first half of September so I won’t be doing any columns in that month. “CV Side Trips” will return in October.

DESIGN IT YOURSELF: Castro Valley Chapter of DeMolay is hosting another of their fun “Design-your-own” 3 egg omelet breakfasts on Saturday, August 18, from 9 AM to noon at the Castro Valley Masonic Center, 4521 Crow Canyon Road (at CV Blvd). For $7.00 you get the omelet, built to suit your taste, toast, fruit cup, and beverage. This is a fundraiser to support their many activities. For info and/or tickets (also available at the door) call Stephen Lewis at (510) 387-1380.

WELL-AGED: Eden Garden Club will be celebrating their 60th Anniversary with a “Western Affair” at Meyers Dry Creek Gardens on Monday, August 11, featuring a catered champagne lunch. This is a closed “members only” event but if you are interested in joining this very active organization, call Co-president June Wallace at (510) 737-0110 or come to their next regular meeting on September 24 at 9:30 AM at the Castro Valley Moose Lodge, 20835 Rutledge Road, CV. In addition to their great interest in gardening, this group is involved in many philanthropic activities that support our local schools, charities, and conservation efforts.

WILL WALK FOR FOOD: If you haven’t yet gotten your tickets for the annual Lions Club Restaurant Walk on August 21 from 6 to 8 PM, there may still be some available at Floyd’s Barber Shop, 20404 Lake Chabot Road, or call Joe Farias at (510) 581-2897. This is a really a fun event (which sold out last year) and gives you the chance to sample the wares of 17 of our local eateries in and around Castro Village, all for the very low price of $15.00. You’ll be well fed by the time you make all the stops. Besides, you’ll be surprised at how many of your friends and neighbors you’ll meet! Join the crowd!

GETTING THERE: I walked by our newly revamped sports complex at the high school the other day. The track, field, and bleachers seem to be fairly well finished with only the grand entrance still in need of a lot of finishing work. It will be nice when it’s done and will certainly complement its neighbor, the Center for the Performing Arts. It will also be nice to get all the ugly construction clutter removed the front of the PAC. Looking at these two projects, I think Castro Valley still has the right to use its old slogan of “We’re crowing because we’re growing”!