By Ken Martin

HOPE REVEALED: Last month I printed a letter that several of our neighbors received from “Hope”, a junior at CVHS apologizing for problems caused by the high school students parking on our street. After the column ran, I received the following e-mail:

“Imagine my surprise when I started reading the Forum last Wednesday and my daughter, Hope, is the subject of your column! Thank you for the nice things you said about her. Hope had oral surgery the day before and your article helped make her feel so much better. We thought that taking the initiative with the homeowners on Somerset might help make it easier for all of you to share the street during school hours. Hope was so disappointed that the high school took away the majority of parking for construction and she has felt bad about inconveniencing anyone in the neighborhood. She was a bit apprehensive about delivering her letter because she was afraid of the reception she would receive. However, after your wonderful column and the nice thank card she received (From Joan Jacques, a Somerset resident who also got Hope’s letter – KM) on her windshield today she realizes that her small token was received well.

“Let me tell you a little bit about Hope: As she mentioned she is a junior at CVHS. What she didn’t say is that she carries a 4.5 GPA, is taking 4 AP classes (college level classes) and she swims on the Varsity swim team. Last fall Hope decided that she wanted to swim year ‘round rather than just with the high school and summer league so she joined the East Bay Bat Rays swim team and practices 5 days a week with swim meets once a month. Girl Scouts has been a big part of her life since Kindergarten and she has achieved her Silver Award. Hope is active in our church in San Leandro and has helped with our vacation bible school and has been a counselor at our church camp in the summer. I am very proud of my daughter. She is a lovely girl and she and her brother are the lights of my life.

“I know there are teenagers that are unpleasant but I believe that Hope and her friends are wonderful kids. Thank you so much for the lovely article highlighting my daughter. I appreciate it when others see what I see in Hope”

This e-mail was from June Bovenzi, Hope’s mother. I have subsequently had the pleasure of meeting with Hope and her mother. Hope Bovenzi is a charming and busy 17-year-old who lives with her mother, June, father, Jim, and 12-year-brother, Alex, and, as they say, definitely has her act together. It is certainly refreshing to know that there are teenagers like Hope. It makes the future of our society look a little brighter.

And June, I took the liberty of reprinting your e-mail message verbatim because I think you gave us a better insight into Hope than I could have. Thank you for your personal view of your daughter. Every mother should be so lucky.