Ken Martin

TRIBULATIONS: Since last I wrote, my life has been at least interesting, if not exciting.

In the past 3 months I have acquired two new knees (a definite plus) and suffered a minor stroke (a definite minus). All of this required a couple of days at Eden Hospital for surgery (made tolerable by virtue of being pumped full of morphine) and 18 more days at Baywood Skilled Nursing Facility (not exactly the Ritz-Carlton) to start rehab on my new knees and then, a few weeks later, another night at Eden when the stroke struck.

The knees are doing fine, healing faster than expected. Recovery from the stroke is commencing slowly, certainly not as fast as I would like, but should be complete in a few months.

The most impressive part of this whole episode is the concern shown by our many friends and even a few strangers. The visits, cards, and phone calls I received while I was in the hospital that continued even after I was home contributed immensely to my mental well-being through all this. Thanks to all of you. You helped.

ONE FANTASTIC LADY: But there are no words that can express enough appreciation to my beautiful, magnificent wife, Patty. She has been (and still is because it’s not completely over yet) my “rock” through this whole experience. Her hospital visits were the bright spots of each day. Even after 52 years of marriage, I found myself anticipating her visits like an infatuated teenager.

Even after I came home and she inherited all the responsibilities that were mine but I couldn’t handle, she kept right on going. It’s been educational for her, not the she needed this particular kind of education. She has learned to lower the water level in the pool, clean the driveway drains, add chemicals to the hot tub and myriad other little chores that aren’t normally in her domain. All this is on top of her usual tasks.

Gradually I am improving and am taking back some of these little jobs but there are no words in any language on earth to express my gratitude for the support that this extraordinary lady has given me. Just saying “Thank you” doesn’t seem to be enough.

BOCCE AGAIN: Due to all my other entanglements, my attention has been diverted away from the issue of getting bocce courts built in Castro Valley.

I recently spoke to Larry Lepore, Parks Superintendent for H.A.R.D., who assures me that bocce courts are definitely still in the program. Both the Community Center Park and the Adobe Art Center sites are still under consideration. We may get either one or both once budget considerations are hashed out and settled. Keep watching this space!

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