With Ken Martin

A TERRIBLE PLACE?: Citizens of central Castro Valley, did you realize what a horrible place you are living in? Well, I didn’t either until I read an article by a certain female Forum reporter in the April 19 issue that advised us that, unless your domicile is clinging to a hillside, you are living in the “dust and grime of the Boulevard” and among the ”shack businesses and muffler shops of the older, shabbier Castro Valley”.

Dust? Grime? Shack businesses? Muffler shops? Shabby? What is she talking about? Offhand, I don’t know of a muffler shop in Castro Valley (and what’s so bad about muffler shops, anyway?). And, while there are areas that could use some attention, I don’t see any significant “grime” on the Boulevard.

Is she calling Brian Morrison’s restored feed store a “shack”? Or is she targeting Pete’s Hardware? Or maybe the Village? Or how about Rudy’s Donut House? Or maybe it is the “shabby” Old Town. Whatever she is referring to, her description of central Castro Valley is ludicrous and her reporting is far less than objective. In fact, I would have to say that it stinks!

While I have not moved around a lot and am fairly new to Castro Valley (8 years), I have never lived in a community that I have enjoyed so much. The small-town feel, the sense of community, the merchants, the schools, all go together to create a unique way of life here. For that reporter to write about it in such derogatory terms, and for the editor to allow it, certainly deserves some censure. Madam, you owe an apology to the people of Castro Valley!!

BOCCE PROGRESS: I was able to meet with Jerry Macy, CVUSD Deputy School Superintendent, recently (and I thank him for his time) and view the preliminary plans for the renovation of the Adobe Art Center Park. When finished, the park will be an asset to CV. The plans include a skateboard park, picnic areas, lawn, restroom facilities, and (drum roll, please) two bocce courts!

The bocce courts will be along San Miguel Avenue approximately across from the firehouse and are a joint collaboration between HARD and CVUSD. We bocce people thank them for their effort and look forward to being able to play here in Castro Valley. There is no time-frame for construction yet.

PLAYING WITH YOUR PONY: Ford Mustang owners are generally enamored of their cars. The cars perform well, look great and are fun to drive. But there’s more enjoyment to be had!

The Bay Area Mustang Association, a Castro Valley group of Mustang enthusiasts, invites owners of all years and models of Mustangs to join them for some exciting Mustang related activities, like tours, social events, shows, rallies, technical sessions, and track events.

Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:30 PM at the Castro Valley Women’s Club, 18330 Redwood Road. Interested Mustang owners are cordially invited to attend, meet the members, and learn more about the club. For more information, check out their website at or call Chuck Wiltens at (510) 538-7866.

And watch for their entry in the Rowell Ranch Rodeo Parade next week!

What’s your “thing”? Let CV Side Trips know about it. or (510) 727-9296.