By Ken Martin

Y’ALL COME: Everyone is invited to participate in the Buon Tempo Italian-American Club’s upcoming Community-wide Open Bocce Tournament. This event, on Saturday, August 22, 2009, at 9:00 AM, is open to anyone that wants to put together a four-person team and try their hand at some competitive bocce. Entries are now being accepted (see below).

The new Adobe Park courts on San Miguel Avenue will be the venue. This is an “all for fun” event welcoming all skill levels with the eventual winners receiving trophies for their efforts. Teams can be mixed gender if desired. The only restriction that we had to put on entrants is that they be 12 years old or older.

This will be a double-elimination tournament, which means that a team can lose one game and still come back into competition through the “one loss” category. That it makes it possible for a team to lose one game and still win the tournament. Because the double-elimination format takes some time to work through, we have to limit entries to the first 12 team entries received in order to get the whole tournament done in the time allotted. US Bocce Federation Open Rules will govern tournament play.

If you think you want to join in the fun, the entry fee per team is just $40.00. To get an entry form and the rules, contact me at or call me at (510) 727-9296 and I’ll send you everything you will need. Do it now! Entry deadline is August 10. If you just want to watch some good bocce action, spectators are welcome, too.

WHERE THERE’S SMOKE...: Patty and I attended a CV Chamber of Commerce mixer at the Coldwell Banker offices on the Boulevard a while back. The mixers are nice affairs that offer a chance to meet fellow Castro Valleyans and partake of some good food.

At this particular mixer, Pat “Father” Flanagan was doing a great job of barbequing hamburgers and chicken in front of the building. In this process he was creating an abundance of smoke that was drifting across the parking lot and out onto the Boulevard as well as onto some neighboring properties. Everyone was enjoying the products of his labor when they began to hear sirens and see flashing lights headed for the Coldwell Banker building. Ultimately four fire engines, complete with crews in full regalia, arrived in front of the facility.

It seems that someone had seen the barbeque smoke and, apparently without investigating the source, called in an alarm! The fire laddies checked things out and, finding no problem, left. I don’t think they even got a hamburger for their efforts. The incident afforded a few laughs for the mixer attendees.