By Ken Martin

GOT HELP?: I’m sure that everyone read Robert Souza’s report in last week’s Forum about the local donut shop operator that was robbed and beaten last October 7. I also mentioned it in my last column. The donut man is Sam Nouv, who runs Lee’s Donuts on Redwood Road. This stupid (on the part of the robbers) act has left Stan and his wife, Lori, with some huge medical bills. An ad hoc committee, through the Chamber of Commerce, has been formed to help.

To aid in this effort the Buon Tempo Italian American Club will be hosting the Donut Hole Open Bocce Tournament on Saturday, November 14 at the Adobe Park bocce courts. The entry fee is $100 per four person team and all proceeds collected will go to Sam and Lori. There is a limit of 12 teams (minimum of 6) that are open to anyone over age 10 regardless of skill and can be mixed gender. If you want to enter, contact me at or (510) 727-9296 and I will send you an entry form and the rules. Please hurry because the entry deadline is November 7 and all entries must be received by me by that date. If I don’t receive the minimum number of entries (6) by that date, the tournament will be cancelled and a chance to help the Nuovs will be gone.

This will be a fun event for the participants and will help one of our local merchants in need. If you don’t enter the tournament, donations can be made to “Donate to Donuts” and delivered or sent to the Castro Valley Chamber of Commerce, 3467 Castro Valley Boulevard, Castro Valley, Ca 94546 or on line to Please do whatever you can.

WHAT? ME?: In a recent letter to the Forum I was indirectly accused of “bashing” Castro Valley because I decried the wanton and idiotic vandalism that is occurring in our parks. I was, again indirectly, instructed to leave Castro Valley if I didn’t like it here. The writer obviously doesn’t know who I am and hasn’t read any of the many columns that I have written defending CV from its detractors and boosting the many good things that happen here. From all this it appears that he may be one of our newer residents.

My question to him is does he condone all this unnecessary destruction? Because he is critical of me when I rail against this type of behavior, does he support it? The whole point is that we, as citizens of Castro Valley have a right to speak out but please put a little thought and maybe do some research before expressing our opinions.

As for Castro Valley itself, as I have stated frequently before, I have never lived anywhere that I have enjoyed as much as Castro Valley. It is a unique community as witnessed, for one thing, by the first part of this column where people here are trying to help a resident in need. As I’ve also stated before, any community that closes its main street for a parade or a festival or passes a bond issue to build a beautiful performing arts center has to be a great place to live. It is not without its shortcomings but they are minimal. I’m glad to be here!!