By Ken Martin

AND THE SHOWS GO ON: Good entertainment abounds at our Center for the Performing Arts. Here’s what is coming up in the next few weeks:

January 27 – Center for the Dance – 7:00 PM – Tickets on sale at Center for the Dance,

February 2 – 4th Annual Light the Lights Concert at Redwood Chapel – 7:00 PM -  *Tickets on sale now: $10/$30/$50

February 3 –Monster Concert – 1:00 PM – *Tickets now on sale: $10

*Tickets are available at the Center Box Office (889-8961) on Thursdays and Fridays from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM or CV Adult School Office, 4430 Alma Ave., CV.

RIGHT UP OUR ALLEY: Or bocce court, as the case may be.  As you may have seen in the papers or heard at the MAC meeting, H.A.R.D.’s plans for the renovation of the Adobe Art Center Park definitely include two bocce courts. So, to the many people who contacted me almost two years ago when I first brought up the subject of bocce courts in CV, our collective patience is about to be rewarded.

So far there are some bureaucratic wrinkles yet to be worked out so there is no time frame for construction of the park. One change in plans has been made: originally the court surface was to be artificial turf and sand. The plans now call for the traditional oyster shell surface.

So take heart, bocce players. The courts are definitely on the way although somewhat slowly.

A FEW GOOD MEN: Speaking of things Italian, frequently, whenever I mention that I am a member of the Buon Tempo Club, the retort is, “What’s the Buon Tempo Club?”

The Buon Tempo (which translates into “Good Time”) Club is an Italian-American (I hate hyphens!) men’s social club here in Castro Valley. While the organization is primarily social in scope, it also does some charitable work and each year bestows scholarships on deserving high school students of member’s families. Its activities include a family dinner and a members dinner each month, an annual picnic and bocce tournament, weekly bocce, bus tours, and various social events. Currently in the planning stage is an Opera Night in April. Most of the club’s events are held at the Castro Valley Moose Lodge.

I mention all this because the Buon Tempo Club currently has openings for new members. Member candidates must be of Italian descent from parents or grandparents or have an Italian family connection, i.e. wife or very close relative.

And as they say in the TV ads, “But wait! There’s more!” Members of the Buon Tempo Club automatically become members of the Hayward-Castro Valley Moose Lodge, so they effectively get two clubs for the price of one. What makes it nice is that the Moose has its own slate of activities that is separate from the Buon Tempo schedule.

I have been a member of Buon Tempo for five years now (my grandfather came here from Genoa, Italy) and really enjoy the camaraderie and the Italian connection. If you meet the above requirements and want more information, contact Buon Tempo president Paul Grazzini at (510) 633-3015 or Ciao.