By Ken Martin

RED MEANS STOP – AND THEN GO?: I am wondering if the latest fad among the not-too-bright red light runners involves left turn traffic lights. Twice in the last week I have observed drivers going into a left turn lane, stopping for the red arrow, and then, seeing no cars coming towards them, proceeding through the still clearly red arrow and making their turn without waiting for the arrow to turn green. How long will it be before these knuckleheads transfer this practice to all intersections?

THAT’S DEFINITELY ENTERTAINMENT!: Each month I include the schedule for our Performing Arts Center. I do that so everyone will be aware of the great entertainment venue we now have here in Castro Valley. Theresa Gould, the Center box office manager, sends me the info and I pass it along.

A week ago Patty and I attended the performance of the CVHS Pops Concert titled “The Song in You – 50 Years of Billboard Hits” at the Center. This was a show entirely written, produced, directed, and performed by CVHS choir students under the unbelievably outstanding guidance of teacher Sue Susoeff. It is virtually impossible for me to point out any star performers or any highlights of the show because there were so many of each. These kids played and sang and danced to the utmost of their ability and then some. What the show may have lacked in perfection (and there wasn’t much lacking), it more than made it up in smiles, enthusiasm, and effort. And the breadth of talent among these young people is, to me, almost incomprehensible. What an excellent group!

If you have sensed by now that we completely enjoy this show, your perception is absolutely correct. The show definitely deserved the “Sold Out” audience that it had. If you missed it, you have my condolences. It was definitely one of the higher CV highlights of the year.

So keep an eye on this space. I will continue to print the schedule for the Performing Arts Center. If you weren’t at the Pops Concert, you will have more opportunities to see our music students perform in the future. Stay tuned.

LIGHT THE LIGHTS IV: One of my favorite annual events is coming up on February 2, 2007. That would be the “Light the Lights” concert benefiting the Performing Arts Center. Though the Center is finished structurally, there is still much equipment needed for it to be really complete, hence the continuing fundraisers. Again, this year it will be held in the Redwood Chapel. Why not at the Performing Arts Center? Redwood Chapel has a much larger seating capacity that allows more people to see the single performance of this great show. Mark the date. More later.

WISHING YOU THE MERRIEST: Patty and I want wish all the readers the Merriest of Christmases and the Happiest of New Years.

We are looking forward to having all of our family home this year as we do every other year. This is one of the good alternate years when they will all be here. Lots of work, lots of presents but having all our children at home: priceless! We hope your holidays will be as good.