By Ken Martin

PROMOTION: In my last column I referred to Tori Miller, a member of our triumphant CVHS choir that won it all at Disneyland, as a sophomore. Since then Tori has reminded me that she is a JUNIOR. Sorry about that, Tori. Whatever grade she is in, she is a beautiful, charming and talented young lady. I guess she is growing up faster than I realized.

RANDOM ACTS: The Spinnaker Restaurant in Sausalito is a fine restaurant with good food and service and a beautiful view across the Bay toward San Francisco. I recommend it.

Last week I took my wife, Patty, there for dinner to celebrate our 54th anniversary. We probably have not been there for over 20 years but the place is as good as we remembered it. We were seated at a window table. At the next table was a young couple who somehow knew we were there for an anniversary dinner. As they got up to leave they stopped to congratulate us and told us that they were celebrating their 20th anniversary. That, and some pleasantries, was about all there was to the conversation.

We had already ordered our dinners and a bottle of champagne (Gloria Ferrer Blanc de Noir – very good!). After the excellent dinner, the waitress brought us the check and advised us that the couple from the next table had paid for the champagne. What a nice surprise!

We don’t know these people and had never seen them before that night. We don’t know their names or where they are from. We will probably never see them again. But our thanks go to them for making a nice evening into a really memorable evening. Although the chances are extremely slim, I can only hope that they will somehow read this and know how much we appreciated their kind gesture. It was wonderful!

ROAD QUEENS: I don’t think it’s my imagination because a number of other drivers have commented on this: Are women in SUV’s becoming the emerging group of overly aggressive drivers? It seems lately that if I am cut off, tailgated, squeezed, or otherwise victimized by some overly anxious driver, it is, in many cases, done by a women driving an SUV.

Maybe sitting up so high in such a large vehicle makes them think that they are queens of the road. Maybe M. Morrison’s comment about so many moms with children being stopped by law enforcement on the Boulevard isn’t entirely unfounded. But I have to believe that the cause there is not “over-enforcement,” as Morrison states, but rather over-aggressive driving on the part of these moms. Ladies, take a look at your driving habits. Others are looking at them.

YUMMY: The Buon Tempo Relay for Life team is throwing  another one of their scrumptious ravioli fundraiser feeds at the Moose Hall, 20835 Rutledge Road, CV, at 5 PM on Sunday, May 6. This is the best $10 deal in the area. So far they have raised over $10,000 to help fight cancer. For more info, call Rich Gorham at (510) 483-3779.