By Ken Martin

GOING UNNOTICED: I am under the definite impression that a very large segment of the CV population isn’t aware that our beautiful Center for the Performing Arts even exists. It has been in operation for almost two years and I still hear comments like, “Where’s that?” and “I drive down Redwood Road every day and haven’t noticed it”. I also note that, with all the complaints that I hear about the lack of live entertainment in Castro Valley, the shows at the Center don’t always sell out.

Entertainment at the Center is ALWAYS live. Shows there include CVHS musicals and plays, various piano concerts, band and choir concerts, dance recitals and much more and now opera (see below). And it’s always good. If you are not familiar with the Center, do yourself a favor and check out for the schedule and complete information.

For those of you that have missed this edifice, it is at 19501  Redwood Road on the  high school grounds. Right now the front is covered up by construction mess, but that will go away when the athletic field is finished. But mess or no mess, the Center is in full operation and full of very good and very live entertainment.

GREAT ADDITION: Opera is coming to Castro Valley! The Trinity Lyric Opera Company is now based at the Center and will be presenting two to three operas at the theater each year.

The first offering will be “The Tender Land”, an American opera sung in English, written by Aaron Copland. Founder and Executive Director Alan Thayer tells me that future presentations will be varied and will include some of the more familiar classical operas.

Last week the opera company held a fundraiser at the Center. Attendees were treated to the beautiful voices of Michele Detweiler (mezzo soprano), Jason Detweiler (baritone), Christopher Bengochea (tenor), and Elena Yakoubovsky (soprano) singing excerpts from some of the more familiar classical operas. If these samples were indicative of what we can expect from future Trinity productions, we can look forward to some great entertainment.

“The Tender Land” will have four performances in July 14, 17, and 20 at 8 PM and July 22 at 2 PM. For prices, tickets, and information, call the Center box office at (510) 899-8961 (Thursday and Friday afternoons only).

To get a better look at the opera company, go to

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