By Ken Martin

RIGHT ON, LADIES: Two letters from readers in the August 19 issue of the Forum pointed up what an awful condition our society is in. Lack of self-respect and, therefore, lack of respect for others seems to be the norm.

The first letter, from Pennie Miller, complains about the vandalism at Parsons Park. Unfortunately, Pennie, it is not just at Parsons Park. It is everywhere that is open to the mindless little cretins. Our new park at Adobe Art Center has only been open since April and already has had a large chunk broken off of a concrete wall (this must have taken some planning and effort), the YMCA building has been grafittied (even before the park as opened), the benches have been subjected to graffiti garbage, and the new bocce courts have been subjected to constant damage (and therefore require constant repair just so people can play on them) by undisciplined and disrespectful children on bicycles and children of ignorant parents that sit and watch while their little darlings dig holes in the courts and fill the ball racks with material from the courts. (Hey, there is a real sandbox at the other end of the park!!) One of the new picnic tables has had the top burned by some less-than-bright person who apparently lit briquets on it rather on the barbeque pit about 4 feet away!

But you are right, Pennie, in asking where respect for other people’s property went. It’s apparently up in the ether somewhere. It certainly doesn’t seem to exist on earth anymore!

The other letter was from a Karen Ricardo who is rightfully upset about the filth that the pigs among us leave in our streets. Karen, it is not just on the boulevard. The sidewalk and gutter in front of my house is constantly littered with cigarette butts. My wife and I have long been puzzled as to where they come from because our street does not have the amount of foot traffic that the boulevard does. We don’t smoke and neither do any of our immediate neighbors.  And we virtually never see anyone that walks by our house sucking on a cigarette. I am sure that some of them are stupidly thrown out of passing cars but, I would guess, would only account for a small portion of the relatively large number of pig castings (cigarette butts) that accumulate here. I agree that some punishment should be meted out but that is not likely to happen in a worsening society that excuses all this abhorrent behavior.

The problem will continue until we make people accountable for their actions, something that is not likely to happen in my lifetime. Even if we catch the perpetrators, our gutless, liberal laws make it almost impossible to take any action.

Thank you, ladies, for your concern but isn’t it frustrating to be part of the apparently miniscule minority that really cares? I salute you!